You can find Fibraquarelle stuff in various parts of the internet!

There is a blog, which contains a number of Patreon-supported articles about handweaving, from detailed technical articles to ponderings about crafts in the modern age. Said Patreon is currently paused but also has an archive of public posts you can browse.

I occasionally write patterns or other downloadable documents. They're available on, currently as free downloads.

Fibraquarelle is currently inactive on social media. "Official" accounts are on Twitter (primary but inactive), Instagram (purged), Pinterest (purged), Facebook (generally unused but made necessary by Instagram), Tumblr (unused). Any other platform you find Fibraquarelle on is not me, I am especially unlikely to show up on video-centric platforms like Tiktok.

If you've stumbled here but are actually looking for a senior game engine programmer, that's also me and you can see my games portfolio here.