Currently on hiatus

Due to an international move, the business is on indefinite hiatus. While I cannot commit to a delivery timeframe, I will gladly discuss the details of a custom order if you want to plan one.

Handweaving commissions

I will gladly take custom orders and commissions once back in business. Keep in mind that I'm a handweaver, not a sewist: I can produce finished items if they're rectangular in shape, or fabric for you to sew into something else. I do not make finished garnments or furniture, though I will gladly discuss collaborations with other artisans.

Handweaving is slow, and setting up a new quality is what takes the most time: as a result, getting a single item done just for you will be quite expensive. If that cost is acceptable, contact me, and describe your idea. Include information such as:

I will get back to you within a couple days with suitable options, information about the design and production process, and pricing estimates. If what you'd like made falls way outside of what I specialize in, I'll gladly recommend other weavers who might be a better fit.