About Fibraquarelle

Fibraquarelle is a textile alchemy lab, which turns yarn and bright colors into handwoven wonders. It was born out of a love of traditional craft processes and a need to create things that would not exist otherwise. The resulting textiles are unique, traditional yet modern, usable in daily life, durable and ethical. Production and sales are currently on hiatus following an international move.

Products are made on a traditional Ulla Cyrus or "Öxabäck" handloom, using natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool and silk. Materials were sourced from Swedish suppliers whenever possible. Favorites included Växbo lin, Holma, Östergötlands Ullspinneri and Sjöalyckans silke. I will research and share French suppliers as I restart production in the near-future.

The owner, which is a fancy way of saying the one human doing everything, is A. Coget, a grumpy French person and freelance videogame programmer. For ramblings and a programming portfolio, you can visit the personal website.

Fibraquarelle also has a weaving blog, a paused Patreon and more. You can find all the links on the relevant page.

About this website

You are looking at a bunch of mostly-handwritten HTML pages generated with the excellent Pelican, without any Javascript, and no cookies (except for what my webhost might use, which I do not control). This is a very old-internet way of doing things: it makes my life easier and your computer does less work. This however means something might not work or could look weird, in which case, let me know!


There is currently no business entity behind Fibraquarelle anymore. Once there is, this is where you will find required information about that.